Ilustrasi : Regia Ramadhina Revalgian

Ilustrasi : Regia Ramadhina Revalgian

I wish I hadn’t seen you,

I wish I hadn’t known you,

I wish I hadn’t greeted you,

And I wish I could forget you


Am I too rash?

Am I too?

Am I too?

Or am I too rubbish?


These are the questions that haunt me while Daydreaming, 


And even showering. 


I’ve come to realize that I’m afraid of taking a shower and being alone, because these questions relentlessly hunt me down.


Could it be that these questions are the cause of my daydreams?


Am I a perpetual dreamer?

One who never learns?

One who can’t turn back?


It’s too late; the damage has already been done.


And yesssss, it’s true what Sydney Carton said:

‘I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul.’



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